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Trading of cryptocurrencies is highly risky and not suitable for the general public.
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Bitcoin is here to stay.

Live with it!

My Bitcoin journey from 2017 until today.
2017 April

Singapore Bitcoin

Once you've gone down the Bitcoin rabbit hole...

2017 May

What is Bitcoin?

So what exactly is this thing called Big Coin Bit-coin Bitcoin anyway?

2017 June

Why Bitcoin?

Do we need cryptocurrency? What happened to Cash is King?

2017 July

Bitcoin Cash

The hows, the whys and the wherefores of Bitcoin Cash

2017 August

Onward and upward

In the world of Bitcoin, it's all about confidence

2017 August


Is Bitcoin gradually starting to enter the mainstream?

2017 September

Yin to gold's Yang?

Is Bitcoin's raison d'etre to be the world's Digital Gold?

2017 September

We have a winner

Beating every other asset, Bitcoin is Financial Product of the Decade.

2017 September

What's next?

What's in store for Bitcoin in the months and years to come?

2017 October

Bitcoin and the new normal

What will be Bitcoin's role in Finance in the future? Fintech anyone?

2017 October

Bitcoin's non-believers

What the innumerable naysayers are saying about Bitcoin.

2017 October

Indeed, Bitcoin's haters

So what's with all the Bitcoin hate and vitriol anyway?

2017 December

Next-Level Stuff

We "need" Bitcoin like we needed planes, cell-phones, Tesla cars etc.

2018 May

Protectionist Resistance

Of Bitcoin, Cynics and Incumbent Disbelievers.

2019 May

One year on

What an amazing difference a single year can make.

2021 August

2021 and beyond

Has Bitcoin's May "halvening" been a case of less is more?

2022 March

Escape velocity

Bitcoin is bringing money up to speed, and then some

2022 August

The moment of truth

Bundle up, Crypto Winter is well and truly here

Trading of cryptocurrencies is highly risky and not suitable for the general public.

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